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Friday, November 10 • 11:00pm - Saturday, November 11 •12:00am
Friday Night Open Filk
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Ariel Cinii

2012 Pegasus Award nominee ARIEL CINII {pronounced SIN-eye, but she'll answer to Abby} is the author of "The Family Forge", "The Organized Seer", "The Touching Lands' Dance" and "The Telepaths' Song" (available at Amazon.com). She has been part of fandom for 40 years. Her nominated... Read More →

Gary Ehrlich

Gary Ehrlich stalks the hallways of Northeast conventions and assorted filk conventions. In mundania he is a mild-mannered structural engineer for a major trade association, representing them on material design standards committees and at building code hearings. At cons he can be... Read More →

Amy Fass

Amy Fass has been filking since before she knew what filk was. Having read science fiction since her age was in the single digits, she went to her first SF convention in 1976, got involved in filk starting around the mid-90s, and has been on filk, science, and costuming programming... Read More →

Mark Mandel

Mark Mandel has been a fan all his life and an active filker since the early nineties. His filk nickname would be "The Filker with No Nickname", if anyone besides him used it. At cons and other fannish events he is often accompanied by his familiar, a small red-and-white dragon named... Read More →

Dr. H. Paul Shuch

Dr. SETI is the name of the blatant exhibitionist who inhabits the body of noted author and educator Dr. H. Paul Shuch. A cross between Tom Lehrer and Carl Sagan, it is said that Dr. SETI sings like Sagan and lectures like Lehrer. Armed with a laptop computer and an acoustical guitar... Read More →

Friday November 10, 2017 11:00pm - Saturday November 11, 2017 12:00am
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