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Ariel Cinii

2012 Pegasus Award nominee ARIEL CINII {pronounced SIN-eye, but she'll answer to Abby} is the author of "The Family Forge", "The Organized Seer", "The Touching Lands' Dance" and "The Telepaths' Song" (available at Amazon.com). She has been part of fandom for 40 years. Her nominated song "Droozlin' Through the Cosmos" is available on her CD release, "D'al Thyann (and it goes like this...)". She's on committee for CONTATA, New York's version of The Floating Northeast Filk Con and writers as Sodyera at LiveJournal.com. She also translates words from her writings' Sartine Culture on Twitter. Some describe her as a science-fiction fan, others call her a science-fiction character. Or maybe just a character.

My Speakers Sessions

Friday, November 10



Saturday, November 11