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Jer Keene

Jer Keene lives in Maine and would desperately like to live in Florida again. (Send help.) The author shares living space with a mate, their two Podlings who are approaching terrifying-teenage-years, five cats, and the author’s Henchperson. The author has been actively writing since age fifteen. Despite hearing nothing except, “That’s nice, dear” throughout adolescence, the author kept doing both, because crazy people keep doing the same thing and expect different results. The author is also a part-time artist who likes flamethrowers and can cannons. Sometimes emits caustic sounds. Should be approached with caution. Updates on upcoming projects and confirmation that the author is still alive can be found at jer-keene@tumblr.com. (Is also known in some circles as flamethrower. Shhh.)

My Speakers Sessions

Saturday, November 11