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JJ Brannon

While at MIT, JJ studied biophysics and molecular biology/genetics. He worked for 25 years in R&D for a thinlayer chromatography manufacturer where he designed a TLC/DNAgram reader. He was a registered lobbyist for Family Law Reform advocating modernization of Delaware's paternity testing laws. For several years he supplied answers on eye color inheritance for the Franklin Institute "Living Things" website. A comic collector for 50 years, he wrote DC Comics in the middle of the Watchman series warning that Alan Moore was cribbing from "The Outer Limits". JJ's 1977 unique outwitting of the "Star Trek" computer game's "Impossible Survival" scenario in MIT's computer labs anticipated Kirk's solution to Star Fleet's "Kabayashi Maru" in "Wrath of Khan". JJ contributed to Michael F. Flynn's 2007 Hugo-nominated novelette "The Dawn, the Sunset, and All the Colours of the Earth".

My Speakers Sessions

Saturday, November 11