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Luke Stelmaszek

Luke Stelmaszek is a graduate of duCret School of Art where he received a Commercial Art Certificate. He studied under guidance of book and magazine illustrator, Peter Caras, who was a student of Norman Rockwell, and fantasy illustrator Mark Romanoski the assistant of Tim and Greg Hildebrandt who are known for their J.R.R. Tolkien "Lord of the Rings" artworks of the 1970's as well as the very first "Star Wars" movie poster. After graduating, he continued his studies in fantasy illustration and digital illustration under supervision of fantasy illustrator William O' Connor. While at duCret, Luke entered many art shows where he won several awards. His winning works were displayed at the Swain's Art Gallery in Plainfield, New Jersey. Shortly after, he landed jobs for advertising and has created many paintings/murals for the Manalapan Township Television Network station and township events. He also worked in the township's Sign Department for 9+ years and was in charge of it from 2015-2017. Also, he's won various awards for many art shows including at G-Fest 22,23,and 24 (Godzilla Fest). Right now he is working on his illustrations, graphic designs, commissions, and upcoming conventions for 2018 such as G-Fest 25 (Godzilla Fest), Wonderfest 2018 and JerseyFestFari 2018. He also is accepting commissions. His website is www.kaijuillustrator.com