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Ted Rickles

A Struggling and yet-to-be published writer, Ted Rickles is currently at work, researching and writng a book examining the evolution of sociological themes in SF television series. His credits include story/art development for an unpublished graphic novel sequel to Gene Roddenberry's "Genesis II" (1973) and "Planet Earth" (1974). His book in progress integrates research on Roddenberry's television projects, including Star Trek, with the works of contemporary SF talents including Michael J. Straczynski and Joss Whedon. He has his M.A. in Sociology from Temple University and has been a licensed health insurance agent providing customer Service and sales support for a major Pennyslvania health insurer. He has also been a Resource and Affairs Coordinator in the United States for the Brazilian Studio, Impacto Quadrinhos, whose illustrators have been published by DC, MARVEL, and numerous other comic book publishers.