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Stephanie Burke

Stephanie Burke, known to friends and readers as Flash, has a warped, twisted sense of humor, and she isn't afraid to let it show. From pregnant men to six-foot cockroaches, she's covered the of the weird, the unusual, and the just plain strange. Sheis an USA Today best seller and has about five million books currently in publication with one house or another, all under the name of Stephanie Burke. She says she won't use a pen name -- she'd have to learn how to spell it. Too much like work. Stephanie is the co-founder of the charity organization Write 4 Hope where she is hoping to help make a difference, not just talk about it...though talking is what she does best. Visit her website at www.theflashcat.net and be sure to join Flash's Flame Keeper loop at Yahoo Groups -- http://groups.yahoo.com/group/FlameKeeper/join. or her facebook at http://www.facebook.com/TheFlashCat