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Kathy Sands

I went from kids' fantasy to sf & fantasy in 4th grade then in the mid-70's discovered conventions, filk, & media fanfiction, & extended my SF addiction to encompass them. To date, I've produced 4 media fanfiction zines and 2 filk CDs, with more of each in the works. I took over Tales from the White Hart, an sf bookstore, from Sue Wheeler in 1977, and ran it for 17 years, marrying Leo Sands, my favorite customer, about 2 years after the shop reopened under my management. Both of our kids grew up there, and at conventions around the country & 2 other continents. Neither has yet run screaming into Mundania (our son was married at a con), so I guess we raised them right. Having spent 42 years in fandom, I hope to enjoy at least that many more.